Login to Ec2-Instance without .pem file for Unix OS.

ssh -i your_pem_file.pem ec2-user@ec2-________.compute-1.amazonaws.com
$ sudo useradd -s /bin/bash -m -d /home/USERNAME  -g root USERNAME
  • -s /bin/bash : use /bin/bash as the standard shell
  • -m -d /home/USERNAME : create a home directory at /home/USERNAME
  • -g root : add to the group root
  • USERNAME : the username of the new user
$ sudo passwd USERNAME
Enter new UNIX password:
Retype new UNIX password:
systemctl restart sshd 
$ ssh USERNAME@ec2-________.compute-1.amazonaws.com
USERNAME@ec2-________.compute-1.amazonaws.com's password:

IT Analyst @ TCS

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vikash sharma

vikash sharma

IT Analyst @ TCS

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